Monday, 11 March 2013

Link aadhaar card number to LPG gas connection in Mysore

Link aadhaar card number to LPG gas connection in Mysore

Aadhaar card number submitting last date for Mysore, submitting aadhaar number made easy to LPG consumer in the city of Mysore, The aims at facilitate the launch of LPG subsidy transfer project planned for 15th  March 2013 the project is postponed twice because many beneficiaries are not submitted Aadhaar details to gas agencies respective  banks. But this time, the petroleum ministry officials are leaving no mineral untrurned to launch the Centre's determined project LPG consumers in Mysore have not at provided there aadhar card details still its pending.

LPG consumers in Mysore, who have not provided their Aadhaar number to gas distributors, have been given various options to do so,They may submit the number either online or through interactive voice-response system (IVRS) or SMS The consumers may also send details through s different ways.
an oil company official said still now only 65% of aadhaar numbers are seeding with LPG distibuters in Mysore city.

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  1. where v shd apply for aadhar card in mysore?